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Agricultural Education and Communication

Agricultural Education and Communication

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Leadership Development

The agricultural leadership education specialization prepares students for educational leadership, training, and outreach positions in agricultural, extension, community and governmental agencies.

Students in the master’s program focus on a core of agricultural education and communication courses along with an emphasis in designing educational/training programs, professional presentation enhancement, leadership development, teaching/training methods, and interpersonal communication.

The doctoral program in leadership development focuses on leadership theory and measurement, critical and creative thinking, and leadership in cross-cultural settings. Students will complete a research and theory-based program with a strong knowledge of training and development, and human resource management.  Graduates become prepared for positions in both public and private sectors in both industry and educational settings.


There are currently several faculty in the Department of Agricultural Education and Communication that specialize in the area of agricultural leadership education:

Sarah Bush, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Megan Cantrell, M.S., Lecturer

Christy Chiarelli, M.S., Extension Scientist

Natalie Coers, Ph.D., Lecturer

Laura Greenhaw, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Pablo Lamino, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Matt Sowcik, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Nicole Stedman, Ph.D., Dean and Associate Provost of Graduate School