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Educator Preparation Institute

If you are interested in teaching agriculture at the secondary level (6-12 grade) and want strong coursework and a rigorous supervised field experience in your content area, this program, created in collaboration with the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences and the College of Education, is for you!

This new certificate establishes a formal route for educators that leads to Florida Teacher Certification in agricultural education at the secondary level. It is placed at the graduate level because this is a formal Educator Preparation Institute (EPI) as outlined by the FDOE which requires a bachelor’s degree plus certification coursework and relevant FDOE certification tests. Participants may choose to enroll in the EPI program or take additional coursework to earn a Master of Science degree in agricultural education and communication (AEC). Students must be accepted as a graduate student in AEC to enroll in the additional coursework and make progress on a master’s degree. This is not intended to be a pathway into a graduate program but rather a parallel program leading toward the state’s teacher certification. Credits from this certificate will transfer into our existing master’s programs in Agricultural Education and Communication.

Below are the required courses for the EPI program and the EPI program combined with a master's degree in agricultural education. You do not need to earn a master's degree for certification, but the EPI credits can be put toward a master's degree if a student chooses to do so.

Contact Dr. J.C. Bunch ( with any questions related to this program.

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