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Agricultural Communication Specialization

The agricultural communication specialization prepares students for professional communication careers in or dealing with agriculture and agribusiness related to public value, positioning and marketing.

Students will gain a strong foundation in theory relating to global communication, public opinion, mass communication and education, while enhancing their skills related to journalism, advertising, public relations or related fields.


Currently, there are several faculty with which graduate students interested in this specialization would primarily be working.

Lauri Baker, Ph.D.Associate Professor

Sadie Hundemer, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Kevin Kent, Ph.D. , Lecturer

Kati Lawson, Ph.D., Lecturer (located in Plant City)

Jamie Loizzo, Ph.D.Assistant Professor

Lisa Lundy, Ph.D., Professor

Linda Perry, Ph.D., Lecturer

Becky Raulerson, M.S., Lecturer

Ricky Telg, Ph.D., Professor and Director of the UF/IFAS Center for public issues education

Possible Careers

  • Communication or management with commodity or special interest associations in agriculture and related fields
  • Faculty or communication support in extension and research information departments of land-grant universities, USDA, state departments of agriculture
  • Advertising/public relations with agribusiness firms or commodity associations
  • Mass media reporting on agriculture, agribusiness and natural resource issues