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Headshot portrait of Becky Raulerson, lecturer of agricultural communication

Becky Raulerson


113D Bryant Hall
PO Box 112060
Gainesville, FL 32611

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Becky Raulerson is a lecturer for the Department of Agricultural Education and Communication from Bonifay, Florida. Before joining the AEC team, Raulerson worked as a sales representative for Novartis Animal Health, a high school English teacher, the owner of a video production company and was most recently a research coordinator for the UF/IFAS Center for Public Issues Education in Agriculture and Natural Resources (PIE Center).

Raulerson is a two-time graduate of the department, earning her Bachelor of Science in agricultural education and communication specializing in agricultural communication, and her Master of Science in agricultural education. Currently, Raulerson is a full-time lecturer and part-time doctoral student. As a student, her research focus is effectively communicating issues and evaluating consumer perceptions in agriculture and natural resources.

In addition to the classes Raulerson teaches, she co-led the department study abroad trip to Belize with Dr. Ricky Telg and co-leads the Costa Rica undergraduate study abroad with Dr. J.C. Bunch. 

Recent Publications

Meyers, C., Abrams, K., Telg, R., Fletcher, K., & Raulerson, B. (2012, October). Students' Identification of Important Issues in Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Harsh, J., Lamm, A, Meyers, C., Telg, R., & Raulerson, B. (2017, May). Influence of case studies when teaching agricultural and natural resource issues. Refereed poster session presented at the National Research Conference of the American Association of Agricultural Education, San Luis Obispo, CA.

Telg, R. W., Raulerson, B., Harsh, J., Meyers, C., & Lamm, A. (2017, June). Using multimedia case studies to teach agricultural and natural resources issues. Presentation at NACTA Conference, West Lafayette, IN.

Telg, R., Lamm, A. J., Raulerson, B., & Harsh, J. (2017, February). Advancing knowledge of agricultural and natural resources issues via case studies. Poster presented at the University of Florida 3rd Annual Agricultural Education and Communication Department Research Symposium, Gainesville, FL.

Roberts, T. G., Raulerson, B., Telg, R., Harder, A., & Stedman, N. (2018). The impacts of a short-term study abroad on critical thinking of agriculture students. NACTA Journal, 62(2), 168-174. 

Roberts, T. G., Raulerson, B., Telg, R., Harder, A., & Stedman, N. (2019). Exploring how critical reflection can be used in a short-term study abroad experience to elicit cultural awareness and technical knowledge of agriculture students. NACTA Journal, 63(1), 25-31. Retrieved from

Awards & Honors

Distinguished Alumnus. Presented by National Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow (NACT), 2017.