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Ag Ed Institute

The Ag Ed Institute was established in 2013, and is a special recruitment program for our TCH specialization. This program is Florida’s response to the national call for more agriscience teachers through the National Teach Ag Campaign. UF/IFAS AEC partners with Florida Team Ag Ed, including the Florida FFA Association, the Florida FFA Alumni, the Florida FFA Foundation, and the Florida Association of Agricultural Educators (FAAE), and hosts students who wish to become or are interested in learning more about becoming an agriscience teacher. 

Students who attend the Ag Ed Institute, held each year during the Florida FFA State Convention & Expo, are then invited to sign a letter of intent, formally declaring their desire to become an agriscience teacher, and continue with the AEI Program. Each student is mentored by an AEC teacher education faculty member during the year-long program, providing them with the opportunity to have a direct link to UF and AEC as they finish high school and/or transfer degree. AEI participants are also invited to participate in both a fall and spring session. During these sessions, students not only learn about UF culture, admission requirements, and more about the teaching profession, but also develop their personal growth, and skillset as an educator.

2021 AEI
Major in Ag Education

2021 Ag Ed Institute

We are so excited to be able to kick off this year’s Ag Ed Institute Program at the 93rd Florida FFA State Convention & Expo!

Congrats to the 35 students who were nominated by their FFA Advisor’s from across the state of Florida to join the program this year! We look forward to seeing you at the Caribe Royale on Thursday, June 17th during the Florida FFA State Convention & Expo! If you are interested in this program and missed the opportunity to join, please reach out to Dr. Deb Barry at”