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Agricultural Education and Communication

Agricultural Education and Communication

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Agricultural Education (TCH)

The Agricultural Education specialization prepares students for a variety of rewarding careers in teaching. This includes teaching agriculture and natural resources in middle schools and high schools, as well as educator positions in agency, community, and non-profit settings. 

Students who complete the program of study for this specialization are prepared to meet the Florida Department of Education’s requirements for agriculture teacher certification, and they also possess the “people skills” sought by employers throughout the agriculture industry and in other public and private sectors.

Our bachelor's degree is also delivered in Plant City, Florida, by AEC faculty housed in the Gulf Coast Research and Education Center. 


In addition to equipping students with the skills needed to teach effectively, coursework also emphasizes expertise in technical agriculture. Agricultural Education students complete agriculture courses in:

  • animal science
  • horticulture
  • agribusiness
  • crop and soil science
  • entomology
  • agricultural mechanization
  • food science

Additionally, an internship is required for this specialization. For a comprehensive list of courses needed for this specialization, please check the course of study by clicking the link below.

Agricultural Education Course of Study

Job Placement

Historically, nearly all students who complete the Ag Ed specialization each year take positions in schools, industry, or community-based organizations or enroll in graduate school. Because of their knowledge and skills in educational strategies, program planning and management, community engagement, and team problem solving, graduates of this specialization are in high demand. If you are interested in educating youth or adults about the diverse and high-technology field of agriculture, this is the specialization for you!