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Agricultural Education and Communication

Agricultural Education and Communication

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Communication and Leadership Development (CLD)

The Communication and Leadership Development specialization prepares students for entry into agribusiness and communication positions related to:

  • human resource development
  • corporate training and development
  • political interests
  • agricultural literacy

The Gulf Coast Research and Education Center also offers a Communication and Leadership Development undergraduate program in Plant City, Florida.


Communication and leadership development prepares students for entry into agribusiness and communication positions related to human resource development, corporate training, political interests and agricultural literacy. Coursework focuses on a core of leadership and communication courses that includes digital media, campaign strategies, interpersonal skills and presentation development.

Communication & Leadership Development Course of Study

Customize Your Degree

Communication and Leadership Development offers students the opportunity to customize their degree. This flexibility allows students to concentrate on a career area that is interesting to them and prepares them for various career opportunities. Many students also will be eligible for the university-wide Minor in Leadership.

Degree Requirements

To graduate, students must earn minimum grades of C in AEC 3073 Intercultural Communication, AEC 3070C Digital Media Production in Agricultural and Life Sciences, AEC 3414 Leadership Development, AEC 4031 The Communication Process in Agricultural and Life Sciences, AEC 4052 Communication Campaign Strategies in Agricultural and Life Sciences and AEC 4434 Communication and Leadership in Groups and Teams. 

To view the Undergraduate Catalog regarding Communication and Leadership Development, click here

Interested in Changing Your Major to CLD?

Please take a look at this page if you are considering changing your major to agricultural education and communication, with a specialization in communication and leadership development.