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Agricultural Education and Communication

Agricultural Education and Communication

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Becoming an AEC/CLD student

Application Process

All current University of Florida undergraduate students (or students who are reapplying for Fresh Start admission) who wish to change majors into the Communication and Leadership Development (CLD) specialization in the Agricultural Education and Communication Department must complete a Statement of Interest and adhere to the submission deadline for the intended term of first enrollment.

Each Statement of Interest will be evaluated by CLD faculty on a competitive basis, dependent on the pool of applicants, after each application submission deadline. CLD faculty will determine if a student’s career and academic goals are in line with the CLD specialization, and a limited number of students will be admitted, based on capacity and fit. After the Statement of Interest has been evaluated, each student will be notified of the faculty’s decision whether to approve the Change of Major form.

Application submission deadlines:

  • Summer A/C term: March 1
  • Summer B and Fall term: June 1
  • Spring term: October 1


  1. Select two of the following statement of interest prompts. Write no more than 250 words PER statement of interest prompt (500 words total).
  2. Submit the completed two-part statement of interest via email to Becky Cook ( before the deadline of the intended term of registration. For example, if you would like to be an active student in AEC for the Fall term, you must submit your materials by June 1.


  • Provide two reasons why you want to change from your current academic major to Communication and Leadership Development.
  • How will the Communication and Leadership Development major benefit you in your future career?
  • What about the Communication and Leadership Development specialization interests you the most?

Please provide your name, phone number, UF ID and primary e-mail address on your completed statement of interest.