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Agricultural Education Specialization

The agricultural education specialization enhances the careers of those employed in the educational professions in agriculture and the environment. Regardless if one is employed in public school teaching, community college instruction, or training and development in agribusiness, students gain valuable knowledge and experience in designing, implementing, and evaluating educational programs.

The master's program provides graduates with added depth in the understanding of the teaching and learning process. This specialization also allows students to complete the requirements of teacher certification while completing their master’s degree program (if needed).

The doctoral program in agricultural education is a research-oriented degree that has a primary focus of preparing candidates to assume faculty positions in colleges or university teacher education programs. Candidates develop an individual program of study that provides a comprehensive knowledge of teaching and learning processes.


There are seven faculty in the Department of Agricultural Education and Communication that specialize in the area of agricultural education:

Dr. Brian Myers, Professor and Chair

Dr. Grady Roberts, Professor

Dr. J.C. Bunch, Associate Professor

Dr. Carla Jagger, Assistant Professor

Dr. Tre Easterly, Assistant Professor

Dr. Debra Barry, Assistant Professor

Dr. Katie Stofer, Research Assistant Professor