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Agricultural Education and Communication

Agricultural Education and Communication

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Extension Education Specialization

The extension education specialization prepares students for careers in the Cooperative Extension Service, outreach education, and/or international agencies. Graduates of this specialization acquire tremendous depth in the teaching and learning processes, gaining experience in the design, implementation, and evaluation of non-formal educational programs.

The master of science program is intended primarily for students interested in positions as Extension agents or non-formal educators with public or private organizations. The program allows students the opportunity to develop an individual program of study that focuses on such topics as:

  • program development
  • affecting change
  • educational technologies and extension
  • organizational accountability
  • experiential education
  • program evaluation
  • administration and leadership

Graduates of the doctoral program become prepared for a variety of positions including Extension specialists, county and district directors, outreach education coordinators for private and public agencies, 4-H Extension agents and specialists, educator/specialist with international agencies, and academic faculty.


There are several faculty in the Department of Agricultural Education and Communication that focus specifically in Extension education:

Matt Benge, Ph.D., Extension Assistant Professor

John Diaz, Ph.D., Associate Professor (Located in Plant City)

Sebastian Galindo, Ph.D., Research Associate Professor

Paul Monaghan, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Laura Warner, Ph.D., Associate Professor