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Agricultural Education and Communication

Agricultural Education and Communication

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Extension Education Minor

The extension education minor supplements the major and prepares students for careers in the Cooperative Extension Service. The minor offers course work in nonformal and formal educational methods, adult education, leadership, youth programs and communication methods, along with field experience.


In addition to equipping students with the skills needed to educate others effectively, coursework also emphasizes expertise in the broad area of agriculture.

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Career Options

  • Agricultural Extension educator
  • 4-H/Youth Development Extension educator
  • International Extension educator
  • Nonformal educator for governmental agencies, organizations, or corporations

Job Placement

There are a multitude of job opportunities in Extension throughout the United States. More than 16,000 Extension agents are employed across the 3,154 counties in the U.S. Florida, alone, has approximately 370 agents who conduct nonformal educational programs in agriculture, natural resources, family/consumer science, marine science, and 4-H/youth development. Besides Extension, career opportunities could include various government and nongovernment organizations.