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Agricultural Education and Communication

Agricultural Education and Communication

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Assistant Professor of agriculture and natural resources communication in AEC at UF.

Sadie Hundemer

Assistant Professor

Bryant 117A
1772 Stadium Road
PO Box 112060
Gainesville, FL 32611

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Dr. Sadie Hundemer is an assistant professor of agriculture and natural resources communication in the Department of Agricultural Education and Communication (AEC) at the University of Florida.

Hundemer earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration from The Ohio State University in 2001. Following her graduation, she led communication initiatives in industry, government, and at the University of West Florida (UWF). Hundemer completed her master’s degree in Environmental Science from UWF in 2014 then, in 2021, received her doctorate from the University of Florida in Forest Resources and Conservation, specializing in human dimensions and natural resources communication. 

Hundemer’s research draws from the fields of psychology, sociology, behavioral economics, political science, and communication science to understand and respond to the human dimensions of agricultural and natural resources challenges, including stakeholder conflict and political polarization. This breadth of influences is also exhibited in her teaching on communication theory and partisanship in agricultural and natural resources.

On the communication team for the Floridan Aquifer Collaborative Engagement for Sustainability (FACETS) project, Hundemer examines how communication combines with values and worldviews to affect support for water sustainability initiatives among agricultural producers, environmental interests, and the general public. Her research methods include experimental methods, mental modeling, and content analysis. Hundemer’s research agenda includes exploration of how scientific information is heard, learned, and used in a partisan environment; moral foundation and worldview framing effects; communication for environmental justice; and communication of wicked agricultural and natural resources problems.

Awards & Honors

2023 Archer Early Career Seed Grant- learn more about the project here!

2020 National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant

2022 Outstanding Dissertation Award, Forest Resources and Conservation, University of Florida