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Headshot portrait of Matt Sowcik, assistant professor of leadership

Matt Sowcik

Assistant Professor
CLD Specialization Coordinator

217 Rolfs Hall
PO Box 112060
Gainesville, FL 32611

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Dr. Matthew Sowcik is an assistant professor in the Department of Agricultural Education and Communication (AEC), and serves as the coordinator for the department's undergraduate communication and leadership development specialization. Additionally, Sowcik serves as a faculty member of the Challenge 2050 Project, a program aimed at developing human capacity to meet the needs associated of a population projected to exceed 9.6 billion by the year 2050.

Originally from Wilkes-Barre, PA, Sowcik earned his Bachelor of Arts at Wilkes University, majoring in psychology and business. He then attended Columbia University, where he received his Master of Arts in organizational leadership. Finally, Sowcik graduated from Gonzaga University with his doctorate in leadership studies.

Sowcik focuses his research on humility and the creation of organizational leadership programs. He also he teaches undergraduate and graduate-level courses concentrated on interpersonal leadership development, organizational leadership and advanced leadership theory, while similarly teaching some of the courses offered through the Challenge 2050 Project.

Outside of his research and teaching, Sowcik serves as a consultant to The New York Times. There, he focuses on the newspaper’s educational programming for faculty and students within leadership studies.

Recent Publications

Andenoro, A. C. Sowcik, M. J. & Balser, T.C. (2017). Addressing Complex Problems: Using Authentic Audiences and Challenges to Develop Adaptive Leadership and Socially Responsible Agency in Leadership Learners. Journal of Leadership Education. Vol. 16, (4).

Sowcik, M.J., Andenoro, A.C. & Council, A. (2017). Addressing the Biggest (Baddest) and Best Ideas Ever: Through the Lens of Humility. Journal of Leadership Education. Vol. 16, (4).

Sowcik, M. & Allen, S. J. (2013). Getting down to business: A look at Leadership Education in Business Schools. Journal of Leadership Education, 12 (3), 57-75.

Andenoro, A. C., Allen, S. J., Haber-Curran, P., Jenkins, D. M., Sowcik, M., Dugan, J. P., & Osteen, L. (2013). National leadership education research agenda 2013-2018: Providing strategic direction for the field of leadership education. Retrieved from Association of Leadership Educators website:

Sowcik, M., Lindsey, J.L. & Rosch, D. M. (2013). A collective effort to understand formalized program review. Journal of Leadership Studies, 6 (3), 67-72.


  • 2017 UF Online Education Excellence Award in Student Engagement
  • Distinguished Innovative Practice Poster
  • 2015 Diversity Leader Faculty Award (Wilkes University)