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Faculty/Staff Quick Contacts

Undergraduate Coordinator 
Dr. Nicole Stedman, 352-273-2585, nstedman@ufl.edu

Graduate Coordinator
Dr. Glenn Israel, 352-273-2586, gdisrael@ufl.edu

Coordinator, e-Learning Programs
Dr. James "J.C." Bunch, 352-294-2226, bunchj@ufl.edu 

Coordinator, Extension Programming
Dr. Joy Rumble, 352-273-1663, jnrumble@ufl.edu 

Academic Program Specialist 
Becky Trammell, 352-273-2573, rtrammell@ufl.edu

Administrative Support Assistant
Catherine Clark, 352-273-3193, caclark@ufl.edu 

IT Specialist  
Raichel White, 352-273-2092, raichel@ufl.edu

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