Dr. Paul Monaghan

Associate Professor of Agricultural Education and Communication

Dr. Monaghan is an Assistant Professor in the department with an appointment in the Center for Landscape Conservation and Ecology (CLCE), which promotes the protection and preservation of Florida’s natural resources and quality of life through responsible landscape management. He specializes in community based social marketing and utilizes the methodology to develop research and Extension programs with the clientele of the CLCE.

Monaghan has an M.A. in Latin American Studies and a Ph.D. in Anthropology, both from the University of Florida. He has conducted extensive research with farmers in Florida, including dairy, organic and vegetable producers as well as nursery and fernery operators.

In addition to Monaghan's interests in social marketing and community participation in the service of natural resource conservation, he has experience working with migrant farm worker communities and has spent time in Haiti conducting anthropological research.

Recent Publications

  • Mayer, B.A., Flocks, J.D., & Monaghan, P. The Role of Employers and Supervisors in Promoting Pesticide Safety Behavior Among Florida Farmworkers. American Journal of Industrial Medicine 53:814-824. 2010.
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  • Monaghan, P. Urbanism in R. Lawless (ed.), Haiti: A Research Handbook. New York: Garland, 1990.

Unpublished Reports

  • Forst, L. Monaghan, P., Harris, C. SUMMARY REPORT Reducing Eye Injuries in Migrant Farm Workers in Florida, A Transassociation Project Funded by: Association of Schools of Public Health T3287-22/22 and T3119-23/23 October 1, 2003-April 30, 2004.
  • Shearer, B., Koenings, M., Cummins, G., Donahue, J.,Monaghan, P. Ecotourism and Poverty: Haiti National Parks. U.S. National Park Service Assessment, 1999.
  • Monaghan, P. Three Communities in the Macaya Bioshpere Reserve: A Report on Fieldwork in the Southern Mountains of Haiti. Gainesville, FL: University of Florida/IFAS, USAID, 1988.


  • Monaghan, P. Thinking Like a Marketer: How to Improve Environmental Outcomes Using Social Marketing. In- Service Training, Extension Professional Associations of Florida. August 31-September 3, 2009, Orlando, Florida.
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  • Flocks, J. and Monaghan, P. Reducing the Risk of Pesticide Exposure in the Fern and Foliage Industries. Society for Applied Anthropology 59th Annual Meeting, April 21-25, 1999. Tucson, Arizona.

Materials Development

  • Video Producer. “Macaya, Hidden Treasure.” Biodiversity Support Project, Haiti/Washington D.C., 1996.
  • Project Coordinator. “Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program, Haitian Initiative for Pregnant and Nursing Mothers” videotaped and written training materials. University of Florida Department of Home Economics, 1994-95.


  • Visiting Assistant Professor. Department of Anthropology, University of Florida. Cultural and Racial Minorities, Applied Anthropology, Women in Development, 2000-01.
  • Teaching Assistant. Department of Anthropology, University of Florida. Biological and Cultural Anthropology, 1990-92.


  • Assessment Coordinator. Farmworker Network for Economic and Environmental Justice, national assessment of the environmental justice movement. 1999-2001.
  • Consulting Anthropologist, Macaya National Park, Haiti. Florida Association of Voluntary Agencies for the Caribbean and Central America, 2000. Site visit for development of an environmental education project with Quisqueya University.
  • Florida Association of Voluntary Agencies for the Caribbean and Central America, 1999. Site visit with consultative team from the United States Park Service on developing eco-tourism in the Haitian national parks.
  • World Bank, 1996. Evaluation of community needs in the buffer zones of the national parks of Haiti.
  • U.S. Agency for International Development, Haiti, 1988-1990. Design and evaluation of program interventions for community development.

Awards and Honors

  • Fellow, Florida Natural Resources Leadership Institute, Class IX
  • Charter Member, Immokalee Lions Club, 2006-present
  • NIH Health Disparities Scholar 2004-2005

Associate Professor of Agricultural Education and Communication