CLD at Plant City


The Communication and Leadership Development program at the Plant City campus is housed on the Hillsborough Community College campus, but administered through UF/IFAS’s Gulf Coast Research and Education Center. Courses are delivered to students at Plant City through on-campus, distance, and hybrid formats. The program is customized to address the needs of time- and/or place-bound students in the mid-state area, accommodates students who want a small college atmosphere, and offers the advantages of attending a large institution.


Students at the Plant City campus complete the same AEC coursework requirements as those enrolled at the Gainesville campus. Courses offered at the Plant City campus include the following:

  • AEC 3070C: Digital Media Production in Agricultural and Life Sciences 
  • AEC 3073: Intercultural Communication 
  • AEC 3209: Instructional and Event Planning in Agricultural and Life Sciences 
  • AEC 3413: Working with People: Interpersonal Leadership Skills 
  • AEC 3414: Leadership Development 
  • AEC 4031: The Communication Process in Agricultural and Life Sciences 
  • AEC 4035: Advanced Agricultural Communication Writing 
  • AEC 4052: Communication Campaign Strategies in Agricultural and Life Sciences 
  • AEC 4605: Issues in Agricultural and Life Sciences 
  • AEC 4417: Leadership for Personal and Organizational Change 
  • AEC 4434: Communication and Leadership in Groups and Teams 


Students may participate in an internship for credit any semester. Internships may be taken for credit only if the required criteria have been met.

For more information, visit the Plant City campus Web site.

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