News: SAAS 2015

The Department of Agricultural Education and Communication (AEC) was well represented at the Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists (SAAS) conference held in Atlanta this February. AEC faculty and graduate students contributed diverse and impactful research to the field at this conference. See the list of award winners and presenters from SAAS below. Congratulations to all of our winners and presenters and, as always, Go Gators! 


Distinguished Research Award (AAAE) – Brian Myers
Outstanding Agricultural Educator Award (AAAE) – Grady Roberts
Distinguished Research Poster (AAAE) – Seth Heinert
Distinguished Innovative Poster (AAAE) – Mary Rodriguez & Elaine Turner
Distinguished Innovative Poster (AAAE) – Tre Easterly & Brian Myers
Distinguished Innovative Poster (AAAE) – Nicole Stedman & Chris Mott
Distinguished Innovative Poster (AAAE) – Rachel Manning & Andrew Thoron
Outstanding Research Paper (Ag. Communication section)- Taylor Ruth and Joy Rumble


Appreciative Inquiry as an Alternative Approach to Developing Capacity in County Extension Programs
Amy Harder, Priscilla Zelaya

Globalizing the Undergraduate Experience in Agricultural Leadership, Education, Extension, and Communication
Seth Heinert, Grady Roberts

An Evaluation of Extension-Based Agricultural and Natural Resource Leadership Development Programs in the Southern United States
Kevan Lamm, Hannah Carter, Alexa Lamm

Developing Transformational Leaders in the Land Grant University System: An Empirical Analysis
Kevan Lamm, Rochelle Sapp (University of Georgia), Alexa Lamm

Methods and Outcomes of Reflection in an Agricultural Leadership Program: A Constructivist Grounded Theory
Avery Culbertson, Hannah Carter

Mind the Gap: Analyzing the Differences in Perceptions of Water Issues Between the General Public and Agriculture and Natural Resource Opinion Leaders 
Kevan Lamm, Alexa Lamm, Hannah Carter

Supervised Agricultural Experience Programs: An Examination of Committed Teachers and Student Centered Programs
Eric Rubenstein (University of Georgia), Andrew Thoron

Supervised Agricultural Experience: An Examination of Support, Supervision and Culture
Eric Rubenstein (University of Georgia), Andrew Thoron

A Measure of Students' Motivation to Learn Science through Agricultural STEM Emphasis
Steven "Boot" Chumbley (Eastern New Mexico University), Chris Haynes (University of Kentucky), Kathryn Stofer

Part of what we do: Teacher perceptions of STEM integration
Eric Stubbs

Disciplinary Core Ideas in the Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Career Pathways
Kirby Barrick, Seth Heinert, Brian Myers

Determining the Viability of Visual Analogue Scales for Use When Conducting Agricultural and Extension Education Surveys
Keegan Gay, Taylor Ruth, Arthur Leal, Joy Rumble, Alexa Lamm

Analyzing Extension Agent Knowledge Levels and Needs Regarding Public Issues
Keegan Gay, Courtney Owens, Alexa Lamm, Joy Rumble

Do Extension Audiences Behave in a Similar Manner? Exploring the Differences between the General Public and High Water Users
Pei-wen Huang, Alexa Lamm, Michael Dukes


Community-Based Education for Agriculture Students: A Case Study in Anuradhapura District, Sri Lanka
K. K. P. Perera, Grady Roberts, Laura Warner

Healthy You Healthy Extension Initiative
Nicole Stedman, Christopher Mott

Helping Probationary Students Succeed: Digging up the Roots of the Problem
Mary Rodriguez, Elaine Turner, Grady Roberts

Teacher Professional Development: Modules of Instruction for Students with Disabilities
Rachel Manning, Andrew Thoron

The Five Essential Elements of Supervised Agriculture Experience Programs
Tre Easterly, Brian Myers

Using a Framework to Assess Critical Thinking and Soft Skill Acquisition of Study Abroad Participants
Nicole Stedman, Paige Clark, Jera Niewoehner, Grady Roberts, Amy Harder

Developing Faculty Capacity for Multidisciplinary Collaborations
Amy Harder, Austen Moore, Grady Roberts, Nicole Stedman

How do Expert School Based Agriculture Teachers Define Expert Teachers?
Tre Easterly, Brian Myers

Interdisciplinary Education: Goal Orientation and Faculty Advisor Influence on Undergraduate Decisions in Course Enrollment
Cathy DiBenedetto, Kevan Lamm, Alexa Lamm, Brian Myers

Raising Awareness about Food Security with Generation Z: Outcomes of a Workshop with [STATE] 4-H Members
Seth Heinert

Stakeholder Needs of the Wyoming FFA FIRE Leadership Conference
Seth Heinert

Understanding how Cognitive Style Influences Opinion Leader Team Dynamics When Addressing Agricultural Issues
Courtney Owens, Alexa Lamm, Hannah Carter, Kevan Lamm


A Fresh Brand Strategy: Evaluating Consumers' Strawberry Purchasing Intent and Their Attitude Toward {State} Grown Strawberries
Taylor Ruth & Joy Rumble

Targeting True Contaminants: [State] Resident Perceptions of Animal and Vegetable Product Food Safety
Caroline Roper & Joy Rumble

Bringing the Farm to the School: Connecting Food Service Directors and Agricultural Producers through Communication
Shuyang Qu, Laura Gorham (Texas Tech), Joy Rumble

Channel Surfing: An Examination of Preferred Communication Channels by Agricultural Opinion Leaders
Kevan Lamm, Joy Rumble, Hannah Carter, Alexa Lamm

[State] in the 21st Century: Exploring the Relationship Between Critical Thinking Styles and Food Safety Behaviors
Arthur Leal, Joy Rumble, Alexa Lamm


Catching Your Attention: Using Heat Maps to Determine the Usability of Websites
Laura M. Gorham (Texas Tech University), Shuyang Qu, Alexa J. Lamm

Using Technology to Engage Student Outside of the Classroom: Scan Your Way into their World
Arthur Leal & Jessica Holt (University of Georgia)


Incidence of Rural Poverty and Dependency on Natural Resources
K. P. P. Perera, A.P.S Fernando (Rajarata University of Sri Lanka), A.I.D.S.P.K Dewage (Rajarata University of Sri Lanka), Grady Roberts, Laura Warner

"Lettuce Turnip the Beet." Comparing Effects of Rural and Urban Community Gardens on Environmental Identity
Milton Newberry & Mary Rodriguez

Public Opinions of Farmer-oriented Environmentally Friendly Extension Programs: A Case of Best Management Practices
Pei-wen Huang, Alexa J. Lamm, Joy N. Rumble

Haitian Educators' Channels of Communication and Key Players
Bertrhude Albert, Priscilla Zelaya, Amy Harder, Grady Roberts

The Impact of 4-H Civic Engagement Education on Communities: A Measure of Social Capital in 4-H Alumni
Deborah Nistler & Glenn Israel

An Ethnographical Exploration of Farmers Markets: Bettering Communities through Food
Mary Rodriguez & Grady Roberts

Social Network Analysis (SNA): A Tool to Understand the Diversity and Reach of Cooperative Extension Programs at the Land Grant Universities
Anil Kumar Chaudhary, Glenn Israel, Rama Radhakrishna (Penn State)

"Positive or Negative Order?" Item Response Ordering and Measurement Error in Extension Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Milton Newberry & Glenn Israel

Improving the Response Rate and Response Quality in the Open Ended Mixed Mode Surveys: Examining the Influence of Importance Prompt and Box Size
Anil Kumar Chaudhary & Glenn Israel

The Undocumented Industry: Perceptions of Undocumented Immigrants in Agriculture
Janine Parker & Alexa Lamm


Are There Racial Disparities in the Survey Collection Process?
Courtney Owens & Glenn Israel

Levels of Customer Satisfaction with Regard to Extension's African American Clientele
Courtney Owens & Glenn Israel

Exploring the Influence of Extension Agent-Client Homophily on Clients' Outcome Experience
Albertt Scalone & Glenn Israel


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