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The Online Master of Science Program

Our online program is comprised of two required courses and your selection of other course work from our department or other appropriate web-based courses available in the College of Agricultural & Life Sciences. Three credits of non-thesis research is also required, as you will develop a cumulative project under the direction of your advisor (you may use up to six research credits). The Master of Science in AEC requires a minimum of 32 credit hours for completion, a nonthesis project, and a final comprehensive exam.

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Online course offerings will be marked WEB in the Schedule of Courses from the Registrar.

Please contact the e-Learning coordinator to register for departmentally controlled sections (marked DEPT, these courses are eligible for tuition waivers and the EEP benefit).

Core Courses & Required Nonthesis Research

AEC 6905: Statistical Thinking in Behavorial Sciences

This is an introductory course designed to introduce basic fundamentals and statistical procedures to agriscience teachers and extension county faculty. It is designed to assist students in becoming better consumers of agricultural and educational research. Offered Fall Even Years

AEC 6767: Research Strategies in Agricultural Education & Communication

Application of principles, practices, and strategies for conducting behavioral research in agricultural and natural resource professions. Offered Spring Odd Years

AEC 6912: Nonthesis Research in Agricultural and Extension Education

Supervised research hours, typically taken the semester of graduation.

Specialization Courses 

AEC 5060: Public Opinion and Agricultural and Natural Resource Issues

Public opinion measurement and agenda setting. Media treatment, public opinion, and public relations/ public information activity regarding issues affecting agricultural production and trade. Offered Spring Even Years

AEC 5541: Communication and Instructional Technologies in Agricultural and Life Sciences

Planning and production of written and visual instructional and communication materials for programs in agricultural and life sciences. Major instructional project or communication campaign required. Offered Fall Odd Years

AEC 5454: Leadership Development for Extension and Community Nonprofit Organizations

Application of concepts related to developing leaders for organizing and maintaining extension and community nonprofit organizations. Offered Spring Even Years

AEC 6210: Designing Educational Programs in Agricultural Settings

This course is designed to engage students in appropraite teaching techniques, curricula, and resources. Emphasis will be placed on instruction in both formal and nonformal settings. Offered Summer Odd Years

AEC 6211: Delivery of Educational Programs in Agricultural Settings

Introduction to the foundational teaching methods. Offered Fall Odd Years

AEC 6229: Laboratory Instruction: Theory & Practice

Research and theoretical foundations that underlie the aspects of planning, management, teaching, evaluation, safety, and facility design will be discussed within the context of laboratory instruction. Offered Summer Every Year

AEC 6300: Methodology of Planned Change

Processes by which professional change agents influence the introduction, adoption, and diffusion of technological changes. Applicable to those w\ho are responsible for bringing about change. Offered Spring Odd Years

AEC 6325: History & Philosophy of Agricultural Education

Analysis of evolving concepts and philosophies. Emphasis on history, legislation, and principles underlining organization and practice. Participation in field experience required. Offered Summer Every Year

AEC 6426: Development of a Volunteer Leadership Program.

Identification, recruitment, training, retention, and supervision of volunteer leaders. Offered Summer Even Years

AEC 6543: Teaching and Learning Theory: Applications in Agricultural Education and Communication

Contemporary and foundational theory and research on teaching and learning processes with emphasis on applications in agricultural education and communication. Emphasis will be placed upon behavioral, social cognitive, cognitive, information processing, brain-based, constructivist, developmental, motivational, and transformational theories as they apply in contemporary agricultural education and communication settings. Offered Summer Even Years

AEC 6552: Evaluating Programs

Concepts and research drawn from the social sciences relevant to evaluating youth and adult extension programs. Offered Summer Odd Years

AEC 6905: Human Dynamics in Leadership

Human Dynamics comprises the actions and interactions of personal, interpersonal, and social/contextual factors and their effects on behavioral outcomes. Human dynamics are influenced by factors such as economics, religion, politics, and culture. Students should have a greater ability for understanding themselves with respect to the complex adaptive systems that they are a part of, the role of influence on the political structures that govern their practice, and how to develop characteristics consistent with learning organizations in the groups they work with. Offered Fall Odd Years

AEC 6905: Organizational Leadership

This course is designed to examine leadership as it relates to organizations and provide a knowledge base of theories, research and practices necessary for effective organizations. Offered Fall Even Years

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