Agricultural Education and Communication

Agricultural Education and Communication

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Bean Pod Borer Moth
The bean pod borer moth is an important pest of legumes. Caterpillar feeding can injure bean pods and flowers of legume crops. Young larvae of Maruca vitrata bore into flowers and older larvae will bore into bean pods. Infestation of Maruca vitrata is characterized by holes in bean pods with extruded frass and internal decay of the pod. Populations can be monitored using a light trap to catch adults.  This pest feeds on many

The UF/IFAS Department of Agricultural Education and Communication offers various professional certificates that can be obtained by degree-seeking or non-degree seeking professionals.

Each certificate can be delivered completely online and are meant to be flexible with the student's schedule. The certificate programs are designed in an asynchronous method so that students to not meet at a designated time, but rather the coursework can be completed when the student is available to do so.

Currently, the department offers three professional certificates. Click one of the buttons above to learn more.