S1057 Multi-State Research Project

A Framework for Secondary Schools Agriscience Education Programs that Emphasizes the STEM Content in Agriculture
The S1057: A framework for secondary schools agriscience education programs that emphasizes the STEM content in agriculture (Multistate Research Project) is a collaboration between individuals from different states that share a common belief that STEM integration in the area of agricultural education is beneficial for students.

The purpose of the S1057 group is to coordinate research goals in the area of AG-STEM integration to accomplish the following objectives:

1. Identify practices, cross-cutting concepts, and disciplinary core ideas to be included in a secondary school agriscience program.
2. Identify teaching methods, resources (facilities, equipment, materials, etc), and techniques currently utilized by exemplary teachers.
3. Develop an innovation configuration for implementing an agriscience program.

The Status of Science Integration Into Agricultural Education According to State Supervisors: Twenty-Five Years After The "Green Book" By Gregory Thompson, Joy Marshall, Brian Myers, Brian Warnick, and Elizabeth Wilson.

This video is a presentation by Joy Marshall presented to the Enhancing STEM through Academic Integration Special Interest Group at the 2013 AAAE conference.

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