Affiliated Programs

AG-STEM Learning Lab

The AG-STEM Learning Lab provides opportunities for faculty and graduates students in Agriculture Education to collaborate with each other as well as others who are interested in exploring the teaching and learning that focuses on Agriculture and STEM related disciplines in all levels of education.

Center for Public Issues Education in Agriculture and Natural Resources

The goal of the PIE Center is to enhance the understanding of agriculture, natural resources, and the environment by providing research-based solutions that address important societal issues and raise public and policy maker awareness.

Florida Agriculture in the Classroom

Florida Agriculture in the Classroom, Inc. (FAITC) is a non-profit organization that develops and trains teachers and agriculture industry volunteers in its agricultural curricula and materials, which they in turn use to educate students about the importance of agriculture. FAITC also provides grant money to teachers and volunteers for projects that teach students where their food comes from and the important contributions Florida farmers make to their communities and their state.

Global Education Lab

The Global Education Lab is a collaborative effort of university faculty focused on advancing the scholarship related to globally integrated educational programs in food, agriculture, natural resources, and related sciences. 

Program Development and Evaluation Center

PDEC’s mission has an IFAS-wide role and includes enhancing the programming process of planning and implementing programs; assisting with strategic and annual planning; coordinating program evaluation and analyses by using formal and informal methods to determine the worth or value of extension, research and teaching programs; coordinating accountability efforts, including organizing and distributing relevant information to customers and decision makers; and enhancing program quality through staff development, interdisciplinary team building, county program reviews, and other methods.

Teaching Resource Center

In recent years, the enhancement of teaching has been a major priority for the faculty and administration of the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. The Teaching Resource Center (TRC), affiliated with the Agricultural Education and Communication Department, facilitates awareness of state-of-the art information on teaching and learning.

Wedgworth Leadership Institute

The Wedgworth Leadership Institute for Agriculture and Natural Resources is designed to develop leadership qualities of people who will become increasingly involved in policy decision-making process.

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