Dr. Alexa Lamm

Associate Professor, Associate Director of Center for Public Issues Education

Dr. Alexa Lamm is an associate professor in the Department of Agricultural Education and Communication (AEC), and serves as the associate director of the Center for Public Issues Education (PIE Center). Additionally, Lamm is an affiliate faculty member of the UF Water Institute, Florida Climate Institute, and the School of Natural Resources and Environment, while serving on the advisory board for the Bob Graham Center for Public Service.

Originally from Walnut Creek, CA, Lamm is a two-time alumna of Colorado State University, where she earned her Bachelor of Science majoring in animal science (1999), and her Master of Agriculture in extension education (2000). She served as an extension agent in Colorado for eight years before completing her doctorate at the University of Florida in program development and evaluation. 

Currently, Lamm focuses her research on how people make decisions about agriculture and natural resources issues. More specifically, she concentrates on the role opinion plays into the decision-making process, the effects of individual cognition in group consensus, and non-formal education affecting decisions.

As part of her extension appointment, Lamm serves on the extension leadership team focused on enhancing and protecting water quality, quantity, and supply. She assists in developing public awareness of water issues and enhanced community decision-making. Lamm is certified in several personality, problem solving and critical thinking assessments including the MBTI, KAI, True Colors and UFCTI. She offers team building and leadership workshops to assist groups increase effectiveness, build trust and provide leadership within their organizations and communities.

Recent Publications

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Recent Awards & Honors

  • 2016 Distinguished Research Paper, American Association for Agricultural Education, Southern Region                  
  • 2014 Vance Publishing 40 Under 40 in Ag Honoree 
  • 2014 Wells Fargo Extension Professorship 
  • 2014 Two Distinguished Research Papers, American Association for Agricultural Education 
  • 2014 Research Paper of the Year, Association for Communication Excellence 
  • 2013 Feature Article of the Year, Journal of Extension 
  • 2013 Extension Initiative Innovation Team Award 
  • 2012 University of Florida IFAS “High Impact” Research Publication

Assistant Professor of Agricultural Education and Communication, Associate Director of Center for Public Issues Education