Dr.Marta HartmannLecturer

117D Bryant Hall
PO Box 110540
Gainesville, FL 32611

Dr. Marta Hartmann has a 70% Teaching – 30% Extension appointment in the Department of Agricultural Education and Communication. Her expertise is in the multidisciplinary areas of international and development education; culture, gender and sustainable development; and global leadership. Dr. Hartmann teaches undergraduate and graduate courses. Her Extension responsibilities include being a project team member of the Florida Natural Resource Leadership Institute (FNRLI); and Director of the Gender, Environment, Agriculture and Participation (GEAP) Program. As a social scientist she works with communities, NGO’s, governmental agencies, and academic institutions domestically and abroad. Her international academic and consulting experience, particularly training and capacity building, includes work in Africa and Latin America. Her work on development focuses on issues of social organization including class/race/ethnicity/gender-based patterns of differential participation, social consensus and conflict, and social mobilization of community-based natural resource management. Dr. Hartmann is affiliate faculty in the UF School of Natural Resources and Environment, the Centers for Latin American and African Studies, and the Water Institute. She currently serves as Vice-Chair of the IFAS International Program Advisory Team.


  • Florida State University, Ph.D., International and Development Education
  • Florida State University, M.A., Spanish Literature and Comparative Linguistics
  • Florida International University, B.A., Psychology

Research Areas

  • Cultural Competence
    • Culture, communication, and conflict management
    • Managing cultural differences and global leadership
  • Sustainable Development
    • Education, capacity building, and development
    • Collaborative and participatory methodology
    • Culture, gender, and development
    • Community-based natural resources management and conservation approaches

Recent Publications

  • Hartmann, M. (2010). A cultural approach to the economic growth paradigm: A culturally rich, self-sustained community. Paper presented at the Southern Rural Sociological Association 107th Annual Meeting in Orlando.
  • Hartmann, M. (2009). Participatory innovation development and Extension in Ethiopia: A case study. Referred Proceedings of the 25th Association for International Agricultural and Extension Education Annual Meeting.
  • Hartmann, M. (2007). Sistemas de Extensión para la innovación desde las universidades. Presentación en el Seminario Internacional de los Procesos de Extensión y Desarrollo Participativo de Innovaciones para el Desarrollo Rural en América Latina, Lima, Perú.
  • Hoover, T., & Hartmann, M. (2005). Cross-cultural communication. In Fritz, Brown, Lunde & Banset (Eds.), Interpersonal skills for leadership (2nd ed.), Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.

Awards & Honors

  • 2006 Agricultural Education and Communication Outstanding Teaching Award
  • 2003 USDA Agricultural Research Service Hispanic National Fellow

Courses Taught

  • AEC 3073: Intercultural Communication
  • AEC 4465: Global Leadership
  • AEC 4905/6905: Gender, Environment, Agriculture and Participation
  • AEC 5074: Agriculture, Resources, People and the Environment: A Global Perspective
  • AEC 6419: Communication and Competencies for Global Leadership
  • AEC 6933: Seminar on Conflict Management