Dr.Amy HarderAssociate Professor

117B Bryant Hall, PO Box 112060
Gainesville, FL 32611


  • Texas A&M University, Ph.D., Agricultural Education, 2007
  • Colorado State University, M.Agr., Extension Education, 2001
  • Colorado State University, B.S., Equine Science, 2000

Research Areas

  • Academic Development of Extension Agents
  • Competency Development for Extension Agents
  • Extension Program Development

Recent Publications

  • Harder, A., Moore, A., Mazurkewicz, M., & Benge, M. (in press). Problems impacting Extension program quality at the county level: Results from an analysis of county program reviews conducted in Florida. Journal of Extension.
  • Harder, A., Lamm, A., Roberts, T. G., Navarro, M., & Ricketts, J. (2012). Using a preflective activity to identify faculty beliefs prior to an international professional development experience. Journal of Agricultural Education, 53(4), 1-13. doi: 10.5032/jae.2012.04001
  • Strong, R., & Harder, A. (2012). Developing an instrument to examine Master Gardeners’ participation motives. Journal of Agricultural Education, 53(3), 71-83. doi: 10.5032/jae.2012.03071
  • Lamm, A. J., Israel, G. D., & Harder, A. (2011). Getting to the bottom line: How using evaluation results to enhance extension programs can lead to greater levels of accountability. Journal of Agricultural Education, 52(4), 44-55.
  • Harder, A., Scheer, S., & Place, N. (2011). Improving the future of U.S. Cooperative Extension: A Delphi study. Journal of Extension Systems, 27(2), 1-10.
  • Harder, A., Place, N., & Scheer, S. (in press). Towards a competency-based extension education curriculum: A Delphi study. Journal of Agricultural Education.
  • Harder, A., Roberts, T. G., Stedman, N. L. P., Thoron, A., & Myers, B. E. (2009). An analysis of the teaching competencies of agricultural and life sciences faculty. NACTA Journal53(4), 49-55.
  • Harder, A., Mashburn, D., & Benge, M. (2009). An assessment of extension education curriculum at land-grant universities.Journal of Agricultural Education, 50(3), 22-32.
  • Harder, A., Lamm, A., & Strong, R. (2009). An analysis of the priority needs of Cooperative Extension at the county level.Journal of Agricultural Education, 50(3), 11-21.

Awards & Honors

  • 2012 Early Career Award, Epsilon Sigma Phi, National Honorary Extension Fraternity, Alpha Delta Chapter
  • 2010 Outstanding Early Achievement Award, Association for International Agricultural and Extension Education

Courses Taught

  • AEC 3313: Role and Development of Cooperative Extension
  • AEC6300: Methods of Planned Change
  • AEC 6316: From America to Zimbabwe, An Overview of International Extension Systems
  • AEC 6512: Program Development in Extension Education

Membership in Professional Organizations

  • American Association for Agricultural Education
  • Association for International Agricultural and Extension Education – Managing Editor of the Journal of International Agricultural and Extension Education
  • Epsilon Sigma Phi – District Director for State Faculty